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Disinfecting Homes and Businesses for COVID-19/coronavirus and the Seasonal Cold and Flu Viruses.

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The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic and the annual cold and flu viruses have proven to be highly contagious viruses — COVID-19 does not present symptoms in infected carriers for up to two weeks and can linger on some surfaces for up to 17 days, making it particularly difficult to track and contain. Cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 24 to 48 hours on stainless steel and plastic, At The Virus Disinfecting Company, we use a specialized, scientific approach to our viral disinfection and remediation services that uses an electrostatic disinfecting application and an EPA registered, hospital grade botanical disinfectant so that you can breathe easy, knowing that your workplace or residence is safe again in Mansfield.

Each year, seasonal influenza exacts a substantial toll on society in terms of economic and social losses, as well as human pain and suffering, impacting workplaces and the general public worldwide. Likewise, the common cold, stomach upsets, and headaches are the main reason children miss school and adults miss work, literally affecting millions of individuals annually. And now we have to deal with the COVID-19 virus.  Yet, the solution to preventing the spread of such infectious diseases is often overlooked—effective cleaning, hand hygiene, and wearing a mask. This is why The Virus Disinfecting Company is offering electrostatic disinfecting for homes and businesses in the Mansfield area at a reduced cost in terms of disinfecting solutions and labor costs to get the job done. We will beat anyone else's quote for sanitizing and disinfecting.

Effective electrostatic spraying and disinfecting of environmental surfaces including high touch or frequently touched surfaces (i.e., desks, countertops, faucet handles, doorknobs, light switches) significantly decreases the number of pathogens including COVID-19, influenza, and cold viruses on those surfaces or objects, which in turn greatly reduces the risk of transmission and infection. Cold and flu viruses are transmitted the same way as the coronavirus.