electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing in the new normal.

The Virus Disinfecting Company is pleased to announce we have expanded our service area to include Raynham, MA.

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About us. Is the Virus Disinfecting Company a cleaning service? 
the Virus Disinfecting Company is not a cleaning service. We are a disinfecting service. We do not dust, sweep, vacuum, clean appliances or remove the trash. While not required, we recommend cleaning your home or business as you normally do before booking a disinfection appointment with us. 

Is the disinfectant you use safe?
The disinfectant that we use is human and animal-safe. It is hospital grade and EPA registered and cleared for use in living spaces, kitchens (including food surfaces and equipment), restaurants, and public spaces. The Virus Disinfecting Company only uses a disinfectant that is botanical and eco-friendly and non-toxic, while still being extremely deadly against viruses, microbes, and bacteria.

Will the disinfectant leave a residue on my surfaces?
There is no residue left behind. Our disinfectant is colorless and dries to the touch.
We use electrostatic sprayers that emit a fine mist and once the application is complete, no additional wiping is needed. After, we allow 20 minutes for the area to dry.

Is there a harsh odor after disinfection?
No, in fact, our disinfectant leaves behind a light, pleasant lemongrass grapefruit smell and it not only disinfects, but deodorizes as well and actually prevents orders caused by bacteria, mold, and fungi. 

Do I have to leave my home or business in Raynham?
While the disinfectant we use is human safe, we ask that you give us the time to disinfect and allow at least 20 minutes to dry before returning to the area.

The Virus Disinfecting Company will beat anyone else's quote for electrostatic disinfecting. Just ask us. Call us now at (978) 516-3732 and let's get your property safe again.

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