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How to avoid the covid-19 and seasonal cold & flu virus: Disinfect your Taunton home and business to kill the flu virus. Keep these viruses from taking over your home or business with these easy steps.

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The Virus Disinfecting Company

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Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution

There's no doubt about it, flu season is brutal and with the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic it is doubly so. But withThe Virus Disinfecting Company, you have options when it comes to keeping the illnesses at bay to help keep COVID-19 and flu germs from spreading in your home or business. We use new technology to mitigate germs and viruses called Electrostatic Disinfecting. We can get into those nooks and crannies that traditional cleaning and wiping can't.

1. Quarantine the sick person
The COVID-19 and flu virus spreads when the sick person coughs, sneezes or even talks, affecting people as far as 6 feet away! Virus germs are also spread by touching a surface that has been contaminated by viruses. That’s why The Virus Disinfecting Company recommends keeping the sick person confined to one room and one bathroom. It reduces exposure to the rest of the family, and home and limits the number of rooms you have to disinfect.

2. Disinfect surfaces
Since the covid-19 and flu virus can live on hard surfaces for 24 hours to several days, we disinfect using electrostatic spraying of the surfaces that the sick person has touched, paying special attention to the sick person’s bedroom and bathroom and work space.
We use a hospital-grade and EPA approved and registered product called Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution, and it is a natural solution for a wide range of cleaning challenges. It's a broad spectrum disinfectant registered with the EPA that quickly powers through grime to destroy germs. Kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds in just minutes on key spots such as tabletops, countertops, remote controls, computer keyboards, doorknobs, sinks, light switches, faucet handles, sinks, countertop, tub and toilet (including the entire seat and the toilet handle).

3. Three timely tips for the bathroom
Use disposable cups.

Never share hand towels or bath towels with a sick person.

Use paper towels instead of cloth hand towels to help prevent the spread of germs.

4. Take care when doing laundry
Cleaning a sick person's towels, bedding, and clothes (and your clothes also) are full of germs, so don’t “hug” soiled clothes and other fabrics against your body as you take them to the washer. This could spread the germs onto you. Instead, transport dirty clothes in a laundry basket and wash your hands after loading the washer.

After doing the laundry of a sick family member, you should take the time to wash the inside and outside of your washing machine. The moist environment in the washer is a perfect breeding ground for germs. Run an empty cycle of hot water and add bleach to the dispenser, then run an additional cycle to ensure the bleach is gone.

​5. A word of caution
Clean hands are just as important as a clean house, especially during flu season and now the COVID-19 pandemic. To kill germs and other pathogens, wash hands all over with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.  Everyone should wash hands after using the bathroom, being outside or being in contact with the sick person; before eating, and before touching the eyes, nose, or mouth. (That’s usually how germs enter your body and get you sick.) So you must be vigilant.

This is a battle, but one we can win.